Escribir informes

Escribir informes

Cómo escribir informes en inglés

  • PLANIFICA tu informe.
  • Asegúrate de que tienes por lo menos 4 párrafos.
  • Cada párrafo debería tener un encabezado que explique de qué trata el mismo.
  • El encabezado del primer párrafo será "INTRODUCTION" y el útlimo "CONCLUSION"
  • Siempre empieza con "To": Ej. To: Ms Jones
  • Pon "From:" en la línea de abajo y escribe tu nombre.
  • Pon "Subject:" en la línea siguiente. Elige un encabezado que describa claramente de qué trata el informe.
  • No es necesario que escribas la fecha pero puedes hacerlo si quieres.
  • Utiliza lenguaje formal.
  • No utilices contracciones.
  • Intenta hacer recomendaciones en el párrafo final.
  • REVISA tu informe para corregir errores.

Frases útiles para ejercicios de escritura ESL - Informes

Información introductoria:

  • To:
  • From:
  • Subject:
  • Date:

Encabezados - para incluir:

  • Introduction:
  • Subject of each paragraph:
  • Conclusion or recommendation(s):

Párrafo introductorio

  • As requested I have .....
  • This involved visiting .......
  • This involved looking at .......
  • This involved investigating .....
  • My findings are outlined below.
  • My findings are presented below.
  • I outline my findings below.


  • I would like to suggest ......
  • I would like to recommend ......
  • I therefore suggest ......
  • I therefore recommend ......
  • I therefore suggest that we do not ......
  • I therefore recommend that we do not ......
  • I therefore do not suggest ......
  • I therefore do not recommend ......
  • I therefore recommend ......
  • I believe we should recommend ......
  • I believe we should not recommend ......
  • You may wish to consider ......


Escritura ESL - Informe- Pregunta tipo 1

Write 120-180 words for FCE writing or 250 plus words for Advanced students in an appropriate style.

You help out at a music festival which is held in your town every year. This takes place outdoors over one weekend. The organisers want to improve the festival and so have asked you to write a short report. You should comment on the site, the programme, the food and other facilities, the cost and anything else you consider relevant.

Write your report.

Ejercicios de escritura ESL - Informes- Pregunta tipo 2

Write 120-180 words for FCE writing or 250 plus words for Advanced students in an appropriate style.

Some American students are on an exchange programme with your college for a month. The college has asked you to write a report on entertainment in your area for the teacher who is in charge of the group. You should give advice on such things as types of entertainment, venues and prices.

Write your report.

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