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Aprende a pronunciar el abecedario en inglés


Aprende a pronunciar el abecedario con 7 sonidos en 2 minutos


Pronunciación en inglés de A,E,I


Regular past endings


Colección de frases hechas de Brays de Youtube

Esta sección contiene una recopilación internacional de frases hechas principalmente británicas y americanas.
Esta página está dirigida primordialmente a estudiantes de inglés, pero también es útil para aquellas personas con inglés nativo, y contiene frases hechas de Reino Unido, Estados Unidos, Australia, entre otros.

Colección de frases hechas de Brays de Youtube

Ejemplos de frases hechas sobre números

A A baker's dozen A four-letter word A stitch in time saves nine A three-piece suit A three-piece suite At the eleventh hour
F Five-and-dime or five-and-ten
H He's had one over the eight
I I've half a mind to It's six of one and half a dozen of the other It takes two to tango
O Once bitten twice shy One picture is worth a thousand words
T The seven year itch There's nowt (nothing) as queer as folk Twelfth Night Two heads are better than one Two wrongs don't make a right
Y You're one in a million

Frases hechas sobre el tiempo

E Every now and again
N Never in a month of Sundays
O Once in a blue moon (speaker: Alan or Chris)
T There's a time and a place for everything There's no time like the present Time flies Time heals all wounds Time is money Time is of the essence Time is on our side Time waits for no man Time will tell Time works wonders

Frases hechas sobre animales

A A little bird told me Albatross around your neck All bark no bite Ants in your pants As the crow flies At a snail's pace
B Back the wrong horse Beating a dead horse Bee in your bonnet Bee's knees Beeline for Big fish Bigger fish to fry Bird brain Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush Birds and the bees Bird's eye view Black sheep Blind as a bat Brass monkey Bull in a china shop Busy as a beaver Butterflies in your stomach
C Cat amongst pigeons Cat got your tongue Cloud cuckoo land Could eat a horse
D Dog eared Dog's dinner Donkey's years Don't count your chickens until they've hatched Don't look a gift horse in the mouth Drink like a fish

Frases hechas sobre el cuerpo y las funciones corporales

A A fresh pair of eyes Abscence makes the heart grow fonder All ears All heart All in your head All skin and bone An arm and a leg Armed to the teeth At arm's length At each other's throats At the top of my lungs
B Bad blood Bad mouth Bad taste in my mouth Bag of nerves Bat an eyelid Bated breath Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Beauty is only skin deep Behind someone's back Belly up Bend someone's ear Better than a kick in the teeth Big nose Break a leg

Ejemplos de frases hechas sobre colores

B Black-and-blue Blue in the face
C Catch someone red handed
F Feeling blue
G Go blue Green around the gills Green fingers Green light Grey area
I In the red and in the black
J Jet black
O Off colour Out of the blue
P Paint the town red
R Red letter day Red mist Red rag to a bull Roll out the red carpet Rose tinted glasses
S Show your true colours
T Tickled pink
W Walk the green mile White lie With flying colours
Y Yellow bellied

Frases hechas sobre comida

A A piece of cake About as useful as a chocolate teapot All the tea in China As cool as a cucumber As nice as pie
B Bad apple Bad egg and good egg Best thing since sliced bread Big cheese Bring home the bacon Bun in the oven Butter wouldn't melt in their mouth
C Can't do it for toffee Chalk and cheese Cheap as chips Couch potato Cut the mustard
D Don't put all your eggs in one basket
K Know your onions
M Mutton dressed as lamb
N Not my cup of tea Nutty as a fruitcake
O Over egged the pudding
P Packed like sardines

Frases hechas sobre ropa

A All mouth and no trousers At the drop of a hat
B Big girls blouse Birthday suit By the seat of your pants
D Dressed to kill Dressed to the nines
F Feather in your cap Fur coat and no knickers
H Hang by a thread Have a trick up your sleeve Hot under the collar
K Keep it under your hat Keep your shirt on Knickers in a twist Knock your socks off
P Put a sock in it

Frases hechas sobre el hogar

A A watched pot never boils Arm chair critic
B Brush under the carpet
C Charity begins at home Clean sheet
D Down the drain
E Everything but the kitchen sink
F Feel at home Flash in the pan
G Get out of bed on the wrong side
L Lightbulb moment
M Memory like a sieve
P Pull the plug
T Tables are turned
W Wet blanket

Ejemplos de frases hechas sobre la construcción

A A bridge too far
B Back to the wall Behind closed doors Bounce off the wall Bring the house down By the back door
C Come out of the woodwork Cross that bridge when you come to it
D Drive someone up the wall
F Fence sitter
G Get on like a house on fire
H Hit the roof Hold the fort
L Light at the end of the tunnel
N Never darken my door again
P People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
R Rule the roost
T Talking to a brick wall
W Wipes the floor with

Phrasal Verbs en inglés

Existen miles de phrasal verbs en inglés, algunos son comunes y otros no lo son tanto. Solo podremos controlarlos poco a poco. Si eres un estudiante de inglés es probable que los phrasal verbs te resulten complicados.

Esta sección es principalmente para alumnos con un nivel de inglés Intermedio alto o Avanzado (alumnos del First Certificate, Advanced, Proficiency o el examen más alto de la Escuela de Idiomas en España). Sin embargo, también habrá algunos materiales adecuados para estudiantes del PET u otros exámenes correspondientes a un nivel intermedio bajo como el I2 de la Escuela de Idiomas.

Cuanto más escuches, mejor llegarás a ser. Por lo tanto, vamos a empezar con una lista de phrasal verbs en inglés. Cada uno de ellos tiene un corto vídeo de presentación en Youtube y en nuestra página. Simplemente haz click en aquellos que no conozcas.

George Clooney rechazó nuestra oferta para salir en los vídeos, algo que ver con el dinero, así que están hechos por algunos de nuestros trabajadores.

Colección de Youtube de Brays

A account for act out act up add up to agree with allow for angle for average out
B base on be in for be in on be in with be off be over be taken aback be up for be up to beat up belly up blow up board up boil down to break down (speaker: Chris) break in break into break off break out break out in break up bring up brush up bump into burn down
C call for call in call off calm down carry on (speaker: Chris or Alan) carry out catch on catch up catch up with check in check out cheer up chicken out clam up clear up close down come across come down come down with come into come off come on come out come out on top come over come round come to come up with crack up cross out cut down on cut off cut up
D deal with dig up die out do up drift apart drop in drop off drop out
E ease up eat away egg on end up eye up
F fall out fall through fend for figure out fill in fill up find out freak out
G get away get off get on get over get rid of get round get through get up give in give out give up go after go down go for go off go out go through go with grow up
H hack into hand out hang on hang out hang up head up hear out hit on hold back hold forth hold on hold up
I idle away impose on impress upon inch forward instill in iron out
J jazz up jockey for jot down
K keep out kick back kick off kick out knock back knock off knock out knucle down
L latch onto launch into lay into lay off lean on let down let off let out look at look back look down on look for look forward to look into look like look out look over look round look up look up to lurk about
M make out make up (speaker: David or Chris) make up for mess with mistake for
N name after nod off nose about
O own up
P pass away pass out pass through pick up pitch in point out put back put forward put off put on put out put through put up with (speaker: David or Chris)
R read off read up rip off run away run in run into run out of
S sail through see off set off settle down sit down soak up space out stand for stay in speak up split up
T take after take down take in take off take over take up tear up tell off think over try on try out turn down turn into
W wash up wear off wear out weed out wipe out work out write down

Definición y clasificación de Phrasal Verbs en inglés


Un phrasal verb consiste en un verbo y una preposición o adverbio que modifica o cambia el significado; 'give in' es un phrasal verb que significa "rendirse", lo cual supone un significado muy distinto al del verbo "give" ("dar", en español).
La palabra o las palabras que modifican un verbo de esta forma pueden encontrarse también bajo el nombre partícula.


Verbos intransitivos

Estos no llevan un objeto. She started up the car and drove off. (Ella arrancó el coche y "se marchó")

Verbos inseparables

El objeto debe aparecer después de la partícula. Grandmother was looking after her grandchild. (La abuela estaba "cuidando" de su nieto)

Verbos separables

Con algunos verbos separables, el objeto debe estar entre el verbo y la partícula:
When the Rolling Stones played Wembley, they really packed them in and there were no seats available. (Cuando los Rolling Stones tocaron en Wembley, realmente "atrajeron a la multitud" y no hubo ningún asiento libre)
(Estos los podemos clasificar como "Siempre Separados")
Con algunos verbos separables, el objeto puede aparecer antes o después de la partícula, pero cuando se utiliza un pronombre éste aparece antes de la partícula:
Turn the radio off. ("Apagar" la radio)
Turn off the radio.
Turn it off.
(A este tipo lo podemos clasificar como "Pueden, o no, estar separados")



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