Past Perfect (Test)

Past Perfect - Test

1. I couldn't get the food from the shop. When I got there it ------- .

  • is just closing
  • had just closed
  • just closes

2. The phone -------- continuously since the advert went in the newspaper.

  • was ringing
  • had been ringing
  • is ringing

3. Were you late for Robert's celebration dinner? Not really. They had started drinking, but the food ------- served yet.

  • hadn't been
  • were starting
  • wasn't

4. John --------- novels for five years before he got his first award.

  • wrote
  • had been writing
  • was writing

5. We had a hard time finding the restaurant. We --------- around for an hour when we found it.

  • 'd been walking
  • 're walking
  • were walking

6. I had to go to the hospital last week. I ---------- weak and tired for about a month. The doctor thinks it was just stress.

  • 'd been feeling
  • 've been feeling
  • hadn't been

7. Gary called me last night. I --------- his number and it was busy. Then he called me. He said he'd been trying to reach me for days.

  • just dialed
  • was trying
  • had just dialed

8. Laura -------- to Germany before she went last New Year, but she'd been taking German lessons in school so she was excited about travelling there.

  • hadn't been
  • wasn't going
  • will take

9. Mary had a car accident last week. She -------- at the traffic lights, when a man in a car hit her from behind. His brakes had failed.

  • have failed
  • had just stopped
  • just stopped

10. Charlie was feeling better than he ------- in days.

  • feels
  • 'd felt
  • felt

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