Future (Test)

Future - Test

1. Here's the dress I ------- when I've saved enough money.

  • 'll have got
  • 'll be getting
  • 'm get

2. The Nurse says I ------- better soon. I will be released by Friday.

  • 'll have been
  • 'd feel
  • 'll be feeling

3. Tonight the band will ------- their most famous work. The audience will have heard of most of them.

  • be performing
  • be hearing of
  • have performed

4. By tonight I -------- finished all my studying. By tomorrow I will be finished for the summer.

  • will have
  • has been
  • has

5. Richard will be moving to London after University. By this time next year ---------- us.

  • 'll be forgetting
  • would move
  • he'll have forgotten

6. By this time next week a new manager ---------.

  • will be chosen
  • has been running
  • will have been chosen

7. That boy's a very fast runner. By next year he -------- a record.

  • 's setting
  • 'll have set
  • 'm setting

8. You -------- so well tomorrow night. You'll be too excited about the wedding.

  • aren't sleeping
  • won't be sleeping
  • will sleep

9. Nicola ---------- on the beach all week. She'll have forgotten all her problems at home.

  • will be lying
  • will have lain
  • 'll be forgetting

10. When he's sixteen he won't have left home yet, but he -------- girls.

  • won't leave
  • 's dating
  • will be dating

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